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Vision is the sense that effects us in so many ways and is arguably the most important. From our vision we observe the world around us, enabling a complex interaction. Our visual system is so complex that it continues to work in the REM sleep state.

Visualisation is also important to sports, business and our social interaction. So a poor picture of our world can affect our well-being. Vision is taken for granted and it is only when it is either lost or restored that we wonder at the full magic of sight.

How do we know that our vision is great ? We have been taught through stories that 20/20 (6/6) vision is perfect. This is not so!

This only refers to one of our many visual functions, Visual Acuity - the ability to see sharp or fine detail. Racing car drivers must have a score of 6/4 (the lower the second figure the smaller detail you can resolve). The limit of the normal human visual system is 6/3.2 or slightly better. The bottom line of a back lit eye test chart you find in old fashioned opticians. This is the figure that the eye surgeons with their lasers and wave front technology, attempt to achieve. Just read about Tiger Woods and his experiences.

We feel that knowledge is vital so that you may make an informed decision.

Do you remember your last full eye examination.  The one where they check they also look into your eyes and maybe even take a series of photographs.  Perhapse you also recall your pressures being taken 

We offer Vision Screening and Vision Testing Charts that helps to determine your vision.

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